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Past Restorations : West Sussex Fingerpost sign

This cast iron fingerpost sign had been damaged when struck by a turning vehicle. One wooden finger-arm had been snapped off; breaking its mounting bracket and another bracket had been badly cracked. The lower finial had evidently been cracked for some time and simply fell apart when removed. The steel core-tube over which the brackets are mounted was heavily corroded making dismantling difficult. Another restorer was unable to repair it and could only recommend replacing the entire signpost including the intact post itself but using our expertise we were able to superbly repair the signpost at a fraction of the cost. The rusty portion of the core-tube was cut off and a new length welded in place. This allowed the broken bracket to be replaced whilst the cracked bracket and lower finial were both welded-up. The finial which had to be cut from the rusted tube had its threaded rod repaired so that it could be refitted to the new tube. With a new oak finger-arm installed the signpost now looks as good as new and set to survive for several more decades.

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