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Past Restorations : Cast Iron signpost

CAST IRON SIGNPOST This was another accident victim which we were asked to fully restore. The post had been hit, breaking off one arm and its bracket. The lower finial casting was also broken. It had previously been welded to the top finial so could not simply be replaced. The column was loose in the ground and investigation showed that half of the underground part had broken off and the other half was badly cracked and it broke away with little force. We first stripped the whole signpost back to bare metal then designed, fabricated and fitted a new ‘footing’. The broken finial casting was welded-up and it was modified to allow it to be secured to the core-tube as previously it had not been secured at all. New oak finger-arms were made and painted and had new lettering fitted. The signpost castings were painted in the original scheme and after allowing time for the paint to fully harden it was reassembled on-site with the new finger-arms.

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